The word explained with an example of its usage: Imbed and embed

Kovuuri G. Reddy
1 min readMar 4, 2021

These are the times of embedded technologies and imbedded vanities among other embedments and imbedments.

Imbed, verb, is a variant of the word ‘embed’.

Embed means to fix something deeply and firmly in a surrounding mass like the pulp around the mango seed, to enclose closely such as fossils in the earth; to make something an integral part: prejudices are embedded in our language, to fix something in the mind or memory.


Viktor E. Frankl also explains about the existential vacuum in Man’s Search For Meaning, in which imbedded is used:

“At the beginning of human history, man lost some of his basic animal instincts in which an animal’s behavior is imbedded and by which it is secured. Such security, like Paradise, is closed to man forever; man has to make choices.”

Embedment is a noun; embedded also functions as an adjective and embedding as a gerund.



Kovuuri G. Reddy

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